MightyEBIC 2.0 Imaging and Analysis Suite


We provide a full suite of analysis tools and imaging capabilities that gives great flexibility and control over you measurements.  We see this as a cross between the experience of typical imaging in SEM and scanning probe microscopy techniques.  

Sample biasing and current-voltage measurements can be performed in situ from the control suite.

Dwell times, oversampling, signal averaging, and gains are easily configured for all imaging channels.  Digital zoom, selecting regions of interests for high resolution scans, and extraction of line profiles is straightforward.  We have our own custom data type that you can work with directly in python or export to: CSV, HDF5, etc.  Images can be saved in almost any data format. We provide example scripts(similar to matlab) to produce publication quality images and vector based plots directly from python.

Our software is based on powerful open source libraries written in Python.  We want you to have the full access to these powerful tools, so that you have complete ownership of your data.  We provide a host PC with all of the software loaded and an SDK with every system. You can install the software client on as many systems as you wish.