Mighty EBIC 2.0

The scan controller and data acquisition interface is greatest factor to making quality quantitative EBIC measurements. Our system is ideal for conducting experiments on devices in situ with applications that go far beyond simply imaging defects and depletion regions. 

We have specifically designed the Mighty EBIC 2.0 to acquire smallest signal measurements. At the highest gain setting, we can achieve a current resolution of 0.76fA. Using 18 bit analog to digital converters means we have over 64 times the sensitivity of most other scan controllers and a much wider dynamic range of 108 dB at each gain setting of the pre-amplifier. 

With 8 imaging inputs that sample simultaneously with +-10V range we can collect signals
from secondary electrons (SE), backscattered electrons (BSE), and EBIC signals that are directly correlated in position without compromising our deterministic timing. We can interface directly to lock-in amplifiers and capture both amplitude and phase components.

We can scale the scan control voltage outputs to work with any SEM with an external scan controller interface. The imaging sampling size is only limited by system memory, 8000 x 8000 images and greater are possible. You can update regions of interest to measure only the data you want with the resolution you need using digital zoom.

There are two auxiliary voltage outputs with a range of +-10V for biasing , backgating or current- voltage sweeps to a device.