Service & Support 

We offer onsite training with the installation of our system. Every device is different, using simulations of how the electron beam interacts with a sample can provide key insights into the signals you measure. To assist you in this effort, we provide examples of how to interface with electron flight simulators and generate simulated profiles of device behavior. We provide 20 hours of off-site support included with every system, where we can help you understand your data and design experiments. Our goal is for you to get the best possible data from your system and and fully integrate it into your development process.

We provide a full access SDK with the scan controller host PC, and unlimited client installations. We offer off-site support and remote sessions depending on your network configurations.  

We have a 5 year warranty for all of our products, after that we will fix things at cost. We build it to last, but if you have a problem or something goes wrong we want to know.