We can provide you with a custom solution of hardware and software accessories to make EBIC measurements possible on your SEM. 

With femtoampere sensitivity, we make it easier to probe current signals that are not accessible with other imaging systems.  We do this by providing complete solutions from the most sensitive preamplifier, sample interfacing and shielding, and a purpose designed scan controller with highest resolution possible.  All this adds up to measuring very small signals with unprecedented accuracy and very low noise.





 We make imaging solid-state devices with EBIC simple.


Above is the cross section of a silicon solar cell. The secondary electron (left) and EBIC (right) signals are measured simultaneously. In the EBIC signal, the depletion region of the PN junction and the diffusion lengths of minority carriers are visible.


With the widest dynamic range, highest sensitivity, and nanometer resolution, we can probe the properties of nanoelectronic devices with unprecedented results.

EBIC response of 100nm diameter germanium nanowire. Bandbending from surface traps at the GeOx interface depletes the nanowire leading to parallel conduction channels for electrons and holes.