Mighty EBIC is a functional imaging system that characterizes semiconductor devices with electron beam induced current (EBIC) under bias and gating conditions.  Highly sensitive to internal electric fields in semiconductor devices (quantum wells, heterojunctions) it can directly image how the internal electronic structure changes under different operating conditions, making it an ideal tool for failure analysis and device optimization.  Diffusion lengths of minority carriers can be directly measured with high precision.  On thin-film,nanowires, and cross-sections the spatial resolution can be as high as 5nm depending on the material system.

The Mighty EBIC system simultaneously controlling the scan coils of an SEM and provides gate and bias voltages from integrated Li-Polymer batteries for ultra low noise measurements.  Sub pico-amp signals are readily measured with this truly flexible instrument.

The user has complete control over measurements.  Experiments can be fully scripted in Python creating multidimensional datasets that can be post-processed using NumPy and SciPy packages, giving the user the ability to create custom workflows beyond the standard interface.  Easy integration with third party software (MATLAB, Mathematica.)

Technical Specifications
4 output Channels |Min| |Max|
16 bit DACs with up to 1MSPS.  Two channels are for scan control of microscope ( multiple voltage ranges available) and two are auxiliary voltage outputs for applying gate and bias voltages or other control signals -10V +10V
6 input channels |Min| |Max|
16 bit ADCs simultaneously sampled up to 250KSPS.  Can measure Electron beam induced current (EBIC), secondary and backscater electron signals, and up to 3 other inputs. Compatible with several different pre-amplifiers and Lock-in amplifiers -10V +10V
Beam Blanker signals CMOS and TTY logic signals available
Galvanic isolation up to 2.5 KV
Battery powered Integrated Li-Polymer Batteries for ultra low noise measurements
Interface options USB 2.0 and Ethernet*
Software interface
Fully scriptable in Python and user defined post processing using NumPy and SciPy.  Exports data to text and HDF5 for interfacing with MATLAB and other third party software
Stage and Feedthrough
DIP packages and other common packages custom stage design available. 4 signals can be programed to any pin, integrated faraday cup. Shielded SMA outputs
Transimpedance Amplifier Gain  Settings from 10^11V/A to 10^3 V/A

This product will be available in October 2010. Please contact us for more information on applications. If you are interested in our prerelease and evaluation program please contact us. A preliminary datasheet is available here MightyEBIC data sheet